Julia Meyerwitz-Katz Jungian Analyst Psychotherapist

Located in Bondi Junction

Welcome to my website which is designed to introduce you to the work that I do as a Jungian training analyst, clinical supervisor and art psychotherapist and to give you some sense of what it might be like to engage with me in psychotherapy, analysis or supervision should you choose to do so. In these unprecedented troubled and troubling times when much is uncertain and unstable, I am offering tele-psychotherapy and analysis. If you have questions or would like to make  an appointment please contact me via the secure contact form here or call +61 456 436 376. If you have enquries about my art practice, please go to   https://jmkfineart.blogspot.com/p/home.html

A brief introduction to my clinical work

I am an ANZSJA trained Jungian Analyst located in Bondi Junction, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I have been a psychodynamically orientated clinician for over 30 years and a clinical supervisor for over 20 years. During this time I have worked in a range of mental health settings and in private practice, I have published several papers and chapters in books, and I have co-edited a book on art psychotherapy with very young children and their carers. I have taught on Masters in Art Psychotherapy programmes at universities in the UK and in Australia and I have taught on ANZSJA’s C.G. Jung Institute training.  

I specialise in individual and couple psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and supervision of students, trainees and qualified, experienced clinicians. As a Training Analyst with ANZSJA I am qualified to supervise Candidates in training. In my clinical work I draw on my training and experience as an art psychotherapist by integrating art making into psychotherapy and analysis when it is appropriate. 

My approach

I endeavour to provide a confidential and safe space in which I carefully listen to and reflect on a person's account of the matters that are troubling them, the events in their daily life, their dreams, their  symptoms, their symbolic imagery and their art work. I carefully listen to and think about the way in which this material and other thoughts and feelings are expressed. I aspire to be sensitively attuned to the nature of the relationship between myself and my patients. I share my understanding and thoughts and invite feedback. In this way, through shared thinking and discussion, together we can try and understand the underlying issues. Over time, this process of talking, reflecting and thinking together is intended to diminish symptoms by altering the patient's relationship with themselves. The aim is to encourage increased confidence and feelings of well-being and enhance the possibility of living a more creative and fulfilling life.

Who comes to see me?

Over the many years that I have been working, I have worked with people who seek me out with a wide variety of troubling matters. These have included depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, sexual difficulties and confusions; sexual, emotional, psychological and physical abuse; self-harm, eating disorders, migration, loss, PTSD, Complex trauma including Holocaust trauma and Intergenerational trauma.   Sometimes people seek me out because although on the surface everything looks fine, deep down they have a feeling that something is not right, or their lives feel meaningless. My experience is that whatever the named issues that people bring, they feel profoundly and painfully alone with themselves and their troubles. 

In the words of some past patients and analysands who have given me permission to quote them anonymously (Meyerowitz-Katz 2019):

‘Thank you for being with me’.

‘I have enjoyed learning things about myself that I didn’t even know before!’ 

‘I know that you take good care …  I am so appreciative … of the careful care that you give me, of the respect that you have for our relationship and for the fierce way in which you guard it. …  No-one has ever protected me before.’ 

‘ ... I understand that it is coming here regularly that is offering me the continuity in my life … it wasn’t available to me as a child … your structure has given me my structure, it provides the grounding which helps me manage all the stresses of my life, including the trauma which has derailed me’.

'Our relationship has improved and we have both matured as individuals in our couple therapy with you.' 


For an appointment either call +61 456 436 376 or contact me via the form.